Use private smartphones and tablets easily and legally secure in classroom.

Digital education, in a smart way!

Smart-Learn enables the use of private smartphones in a smart classroom.

Smart-Learn is designed for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) in order to move education in a sustainable and economical way.

How does it work?

Why Smart-Learn?

Get digital

Provide short-term digital media
access for the entire teaching staff.

Safe costs

Use a mobile-first solution that does
not require in-school server.

GDPR compliant

The system does not save any learners’ user or usage data.

Think practical

Developed by teachers and extensively
tested in real classrooms.

Be sustainable

Move the digitization sustainable and
economically meaningful.

Involve students

Enable students to a self-responsible
and meaningful use of their devices.


Our fees cover the development and deployment of the free student apps for Android and iOS devices as well as the costs for the cloud service. Choose the Smart-Learn solution according to your need:

0 €/month*
  • Free student apps
  • Device-Management
    for 1 class up to 40 students
  • Document Camera
    Up to 10 Uploads

* incl. VAT / cancelable monthly

5 €/month*
  • Free student apps
  • Device-Management
  • Document Camera

* plus VAT / cancelable monthly

from 59 €/month*
  • Premium access for staff
  • Free student apps
  • We would be happy to make you an offer tailored to your school.

* plus VAT / cancelable annually

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